Bow wow dating keyonnah

Dee — a lesbian who appeared in the episode dressed in white shorts, a baggy, blue shirt and a chain — confessed that the money was borrowed from family and friends and that Keyonnah wasn’t the only girl she’s met online.

And while she said she understands that the girls interested in Bow Wow are most likely straight, it doesn’t seem to bother her much.

Everyone's got a celebrity crush, but on the next "Catfish," 19-year-old Keyonnah is convinced she's actually dating hers.

As a tried and true Bow Wow fan, Keyonnah clocked many hours on the "106 & Park" host's fan page, and was shocked when, one day, she received a message back from the rapper, which led to many subsequent texts and phone calls.

Plus, when “Bow Wow” sent Keyonnah texts explaining that he was in Atlanta for a show, the whens and wheres seemed to add up.

But no amount of finger-crossing and fairy dust could save Keyonnah from the eventual heartbreak and embarrassment of learning she’d been played, and the episode ended with the two women no longer on speaking terms.

She said daily text messages were soon exchanged and their relationship took off as the two explored their future together — the “rapper” even sent her ,000 over the course of their relationship.

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After dating on and off for years, Rev Run's daughter Angela Simmons and Bow Wow came face-to-face on "106 & Park" earlier this year and Angela tweeted of their reunion: "Been riding with each other 9 years and counting #realfriendship." Joie Chavis: After staying mum on the topic for some time, Bow Wow came clean in a 2011 fan letter that he and former flame Joie had a child, Shai, together.

“For me, I like a challenge,” Dee said, after admitting that she wears a lamb-skin accessory in bed.

As many expected, Keyonnah was devastated and quickly ended the relationship.

While the show’s premise is based on discovering the real people behind online relationships, it has never featured someone imitating a real-life celebrity — until now.

The real Bow Wow, who is a co-host on BET’s episode on his show. It’s dope and it’s fly when someone wants to be you,” he said.

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