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I'd say it's a distinguished 4×4 "all terrain", with category, with class and with a slight vintage touch, nothing out-dated but modern.Its extreme versatility makes it matching perfectly all seasons, day and night, what in other hand means that it doesn't shine especially in any particular ambient, because there are fresher ones for Summer, warmer ones for Winter and other ones better focused for nights, dating and seductive purposes (more sexy); although its aroma is, like I'm saying, exquisite and with such versatility that is really hard to match.This is warm and smooth, sophisticated, yet it has the playful fruitiness of the orange note. At first I thought this was too much of a fancypants fireplace smell I also thought the lemon was a bit strange but now I feel like I know what the lemon note is it's actually like a lemon cake smell not a lemon fruit smell. I find it so comforting and classy and I believe I didn't give it the credit it deserves. My only issue with this fragrance is performance – what a pity that longevity was only 3 hours and at less than arm’s length projection. Pathetic really, Well thank god they failed to fascimile this masterpiece. I get a powdery c I coach vibe and get 6 to 8 hours longevity out of this. today i got a lot more lemon in the opening then usual. along with Dior homme intense this bottle will always be on my shelf. Idk why its classified citrusy because what i find was all woody.Its got a cacao smell thats more pronounced in the dry down along with some herbal tea smell thats very well blended, patchouli and sandalwood create a creamy older gentlemen vibe. It is an average fragrance in my opinion, the opening is very lemony with powdery chocolaty dry-down which is the best part. Sentence Summary: This reminds me of the smell of a Xmas stocking containing, amongst other things, a Satsuma and Terry's Chocolate Orange, with someone sticking a brew on in the background. It was still (barely) detectable on clothing for a longer period. Best creation by far and best smelling that any sexy man can want. But dont get me wrong, this is a very good fragrance.My wife who rarely compliments what I wear, immediately perked up and told me how good I smelled. I'm getting a sweet and creamy, somewhat citrusy, patchouli scent. It's unique enough and nice enough to be a dressed up signature scent for someone. To me, this is almost too decadent for casual dress. UPDATE: Well, now after half an hour, I know why I couldn't smell a damn thing. My parents could smell it, and said it smells like a signature scent for me... Rich, Elegant, Masculine without an over powering presence.Don't know if I will wear this much, but it is much nicer than I had remembered. This pedigree of a fragrance and design house that has lasted for well over 100 years says a lot! This is how you make a frag Recieved the bottle shown I had previously only tested it in stores and had sample/decants of the EDT and the Extreme versions. I re-sniffed my decant of Extreme.I want THAT in a full bottle too !!! This is where you will forever remember the scenes that happened with this scent. And every time I spray, I remember the best moments in my previous trips. And I prefer to have a good Sillage rather than a very good so that I enjoy how it comes and goes rather than bothering me all the time. This is a nice elegant fragrance with a moderate sillage so don't expect beast-mode with this. اگر پول خوبی خواستید بدید واسه یه عطر درجه یک برای استفاده روزانه برای خودتون و یا برای هدیه به عزیزی با اطمینان این رو انتخاب کنید. مساله فقط قیمتشه به نظرم Everyday use luxury EDT for gentleman 35 8.25/10 Yes, this smells like the scent pyramid listed, and like everyone here describes.

I hadn't used this in a while, and forgot what a great classic this is. I wish sillage were a little greater, but other than that, one of my faves in my collection. Disappointed in myself that is for not buying a bigger bottle. This fragrance is a like, the extreme version is a love.

I like it better than the Extreme/EDP version personally.

I think it has more depth and nuances than the other version. It's classy, which is no surprise as it is Guerlain. It's perfect for any occasion, whether it's at the office or going out.

Performance wise I dont get a great deal of longivity unfortunately, approx 2 hours of note worthy performance and then a further two as a light skin scent but at the price point I just keep spraying all day and will replace.

This is one of the best scents Guerlain has offered in the last 15 years.

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