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Her research also showed that the people who would have benefitted from the shaman’s knowledge practiced small-scale farming of maize, manioc and arrowroot, and collected palm nuts, tree fruits and wild tubers.

They also probably hunted and fished in the nearby hills and streams, but the humid soils in the shelter destroyed any evidence of animal bones. A 4,000-year-old shaman’s stone cache at Casita de Piedra, western Panama.

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The bed and breakfast must be booked using the button on Bedand in order to qualify.The cache represents the earliest material evidence of shamanistic practice in lower Central America.Ruth Dickau, Leverhulme Post-doctoral Fellow at the University of Exeter in England, unearthed the cache of stones in the Casita de Piedra rock-shelter in 2007.A piece of charcoal found directly underneath the cache was radiocarbon dated to 4,800 years ago.A second fragment of charcoal in a level above the cache was dated to 4,000 years ago.

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