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Dogs in certain countries may also be at risk from rabies. Dogs are used in hunting, for coursing and retrieving game.

They are also valuable as sheepdogs, keeping the flock together, and as guards.

In folklore dogs have often been credited with mysterious knowledge of spiritual things, and have sometimes been uncanny friends of such magicians as Cor. They were also depicted as terrible monsters, such as the snarling, many-headed Cerberus, who guarded the entrance to Hades on the farther side of the Styx.

Pronađeno 1101 rečenice podudaranje izraz scrolling. Dogs are also employed as messengers, for tracking criminals, detecting drugs, and as guides for the blind. Canine remains have been found in the Danish kitchen-middens of the Neolithic period side by side with human remains.The friezes of Egyptian temples and many very early Egyptian monuments (dating from c. The Jews of the Old and New Testaments regarded dogs as unclean; this was perhaps a reaction to the worship bestowed upon them by the neighboring tribes of Egyptians and Syrians.The average life of a dog is from to years, though some live to be 2The dog has a very acute sense of smell and can readily be trained, for it has a good intelligence. Of the wild dogs, some are solitary, such as the long-legged maned wolf Chrysocyon brachurus of South America, but others hunt in groups, such as the African hunting dog Lycaonpictus (classified as a vulnerable species) and the wolf.Jackals scavenge for food, and the raccoon dog Nyctereutes procyonoides of E Asia includes plant food as well as meat in its diet. In the US, the American Kennel Club sets standards for about 2registered breeds. Darwin believed the dog to be descended from two species of wolves, Canis lupus and Canis latrans, as well as from certain European, Indian, and African canine species, and from the jackal.

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