After the Plague, which afflicted the valley inthe German Peasants' War —26 and the Thirty Years' Warmining in the region declined until just a few pits remained.

Isolation gave rise to Laurus azorica in the Azores Islands, Laurus nobilis on the mainland, and Laurus novocanariensis in the Canary Islands.

This species diversity contrasts with other temperate forest types, which typically have a canopy dominated by one or a few species.

Still further in the southeast around Todtmoos is a range of exotic inclusions: Precipitation[ edit ] Winter on the Schauinsland.

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More recent research has revealed that most of these lode fillings are much younger Triassic to Tertiary.

There are still tarns in some of these old cirques, partly a result of the anthropogenic elevation of the low-side lip of the cirque, such as the Mummelsee Wildsee Schurmsee Glaswaldsee Buhlbachsee Nonnenmattweiher and Feldsee.

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