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Knowing more professionals use phones for both personal and business, Black Berry has tweaked the user experience for seamless switching between personal and work data. There are a lot of ways to transfer information from Outlook to Priv.

For more information on the security features, check out the nine-page PDF on how the Priv safeguards your data. But, many professionals and Outlook power users don’t want to sync with Google’s cloud,, or Office 365.

If you opt not to use Outlook sync software, here’s what can happen to you: That’s a lot of risk and wasted time.

Please note that these scenarios are only for understanding the type of issues which this document might be able to address.

However, it’s touch-sensitive, which allows you to scroll and swipe down.

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Please ensure that Black Berry Desktop Manager is installed on your PC.

After you complete the wizard, you can import the CSV file into the app of your choosing.“Please be advised that Black Berry Desktop Software and Black Berry Link is not supported with Black Berry Priv because of platform incompatibilities.

Just like other Android smartphones, there’s a lot of ways on how to transfer information from Microsoft Outlook to Priv.

Some manufacturers add bloatware and clutter to their customized versions of Android.

Black Berry has stayed away from the gimmicky add-ons.

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