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Some are creative and some are plain silly, like the "Live Action Space Invaders" that happened one year.

Each evening there's a bar and social space, sometimes with performers or a disco, plus quiet space for board games or simply chilling out.

Of the women in our dataset identifying as bisexual: 🔸 34% have attempted suicide 🔸 39% have self-harmed 🔸 17% were abused by multiple perpetrators 🔸 9% have experienced historic abuse by a family member 🔸 16% have experienced historic abuse by a previous intimate partner All of these vulnerabilities are experienced by bisexual women at higher rates than those who did not identify as LGBT , and higher than the LGBT dataset overall.

Even those who do don't all use the labels "bi" or "bisexual" or even agree on what it means to be bi.

"Our experience tells us that biphobia within the LGBT community plays a huge part in the emotional abuse our bisexual clients experience from same sex partners.

"Despite all these increased risks, bisexual people are the least likely group to access our service, indicating that there is more work to be done to make specialist LGBT services feel inclusive and welcoming for these clients.

All of the Bi Cons since 1995 have been held at university venues during their summer holidays.

That doesn't mean that you need any educational qualifications to come, but it reflects that these tend to allow self-catering – many attendees have some dietary needs that make a catered event difficult to organise – and are cheaper than booking an entire hotel for a long weekend.

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