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A downdraft carburetor was first applied on the small engines replacing the updraft models which were used from 1931.

- Aluminum rocker arm shaft brackets employed to provide a quieter valve train.

The early engines had no interchangeable parts between engine sizes.

That is not true for the small engine introduced in 1937 and the large engine introduced in 1936.

- A larger, more reliable oil pump was introduced along with an improved radiator and a 7 psi radiator cap.

Carburetion, valve operations, combustion chamber design and other refinements added to the improved performance.- Compound carburetion introduced on all Super, Century, and Roadmaster models as standard equipment and available as an option on all Specials.This year 10 mm spark plugs were also used and the forerunner of a PVC (positive crankcase ventilation) system was pioneered which vented the oil vapors to the carburetor through a small tube from the top of the valve cover to the air cleaner. Buick employed Straight-8 engines in all models from 1931 through 1952 and in the Specials in 1953 when the nailhead V-8 was introduced in the Super and Roadmaster models.These engines were rugged and established Buick's lasting reputation for engines which produce gobs of low-end torque.

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