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“I am so sick of boring profiles on the dating sites.The first thing people want is to hold hands and walk with someone at sunset on the beach.Internet dating sites have made it easier for everyone to have sex – and lots of it – including older people who might have been lonely in the past.What’s more, older people are having better sex, and more of it, than younger adults, according to scientists.The second thing is to cuddle up on a couch and watch TV.Why can’t they think of something more interesting? “At 68, I can keep up with the 40 year olds when we cycle round the bay on Sunday mornings.With time and practice, most of the core domains of our lives improve as we develop skills and strategies to manage our lives with more mastery.

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These changing priorities were key predictors of sexual quality of life for older adults, and appeared to buffer its decline.

When we matched older and younger adults on key characteristics of their sex lives – along with sociodemographic characteristics, and mental and physical health – older adults actually had better sexual quality of life.

For example, if we compared a 40-year-old man and a 50-year-old man with the same levels of perceived control over their sex life, who invest the same amount of thought and effort in their sex life, have sex with the same frequency and had the same number of sexual partners in the past year, we would expect the 50-year-old to report better sexual quality of life.

This is great news, as a satisfying sex life has been found to be important for health and well-being and predicts a longer and healthier life, say these experts.

-Jackie Cameron By Miri Forbes, Nicholas Eaton and Robert Krueger* Aging is generally associated with improvements in our quality of life: We become more proficient in our work, learn how to manage our finances better and our bonds with loved ones deepen.

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