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Extremely remote, Maringa-Lopori-Wamba is one of the least-developed regions in the Democratic Republic of Congo. km—covered in rainforest, swamps, and rivers—with no roads and where the population faces extreme Read More A critical location for Africa’s top predators.

Across the continent, Africa’s large carnivores are facing an uncertain future.

With loss of habitat and prey, carnivores—like cheetahs and wild dogs—are hunting community livestock.

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Help all of Africa, the wildlife, the communities, and the future.

There is greater biodiversity in Africa’s Albertine Rift region where Virunga National Park is located than in any other ecosystem in Africa.

This richly diverse array of habitats is home to critical populations of the world’s last remaining mountain Read More Not only are carnivores critical to the long-term viability of ecosystems, their presence is also a strong indicator of healthy prey populations.

Motivated by a lucrative illegal wildlife trade, poachers target Africa’s iconic species like the elephant and rhino through well-funded, highly trained, and increasingly sophisticated criminal syndicates.

The poaching of rhinos has increased nearly 3,000 percent since 2007 as growing markets seek out...

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