Best dating a triathlete

However, you’re not yet at the level where you can comfortably ask him or her personal questions without coming across nosy or clingy. The following are indicators that can help you decipher whether he or she is into the madness of triathlon.1.

The scent of chlorine he or she exudes should likewise not be confused with the same bodily fluid that Cameron Diaz believed to be hair gel in It’s just that—chlorine.They are simply integrating you into their “hectic” schedule.This means that he or she thinks you are special enough to merit sharing their most special moments—milestone events they have been spending a fair amount of time, energy, and fortune preparing for.11.Beware that they are immune to the smell of their own sweat.10.Don’t be so quick to flatter yourself when they invite you for an out-of-town tryst like Cebu during the first week of August, Bataan on the last week of November, Bohol on the first week of December, Sipalay on the third week of March, and Cam Sur by the second week of June.

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