Best cities for online dating

Most online dating interactions begin in the same way: a message.But recent data shows that your geographic location has a great effect on how likely you are to receive a response to that message, especially if you live in Vancouver.If you’re an absolute newbie to the travel game and want to go to Latin America, I’d recommend you start your travels here.Cusco just had a great energy to it that’s hard to describe. I wouldn’t plan to spend more than a few days in this town.

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You have a few great cities to meet women in Peru and a bunch of near worthless places.First recently examined interactions of single men and women in Canada between the ages of 18 and 99 to discover locations where singles were the least likely to respond to online dating messages.Vancouver women topped the list as the least likely to respond to men’s online messages, followed by Montreal and Ottawa.No other town in Peru comes even close to competing with Lima regarding women, nightlife options, and quality of chicks. I had nights in the club were there would be 4-5 girls I’d already made sweet love to in the same club (while I was with a different girl).You can have a lot of fun in Lima, but the city is not as big as you’d think it was. If part of your travel plans include attempting to meet a Peruvian woman and have sex – Lima is your best option.

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