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My 11 year old daughter and I were at the show last night at the Calumet Theater in Calumet, MI. We are already looking forward to the show next year!

She was able to meet Hannah and Nick after the show and they signed her CDs we purchased.

I never thought I would get to hear The Glenn Miller Orchestra and it was something I had wished for all my life. Thank you Last night was the 7th time of seeing the band live. The new band members are already so tight with the arrangements, it was wonderful. Also, a special thanks for mentioning my wife Betty and I along with my old USAF crew. The GMO truly IS America, the way all of us remember it. Have a great time at Naval Aviation Museum tonight. GMO should also be able to find some wonderful venues along northern California into Oregon on Hwy 101. The orchestra performs this music 15 times a month, but each night is new for the audience.

I just loved his interpretation of “Serenade in Blue.” Please record this beautiful song on your next CD, Neil. I grew up listening to the big bands because of my daddy but Glenn Miller was always my favorite. I think Moonlight Serenade is the most beautiful piece of music ever written.

I saw your show last night at the (Dixie) Hal Holbrook theater in Huntingdon, Tn. My youngest son who is in his 40’s went with me and he loved it. I hope someday you will come back close enough so that I can see you again. I would not have considered myself to be a Big Band fan …

I brought my mom and a neighbor 89 and 90 years young. I was flipping channels and stopped on the “Glenn Miller Story”.

When he was 6 months old I was holding him and he was fussy.

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