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However, lately when asking who had so well covered a stick close to Detling Church I was told it was a hellyer from the next village.

And in the best dictionary of the Kentish dialect I find: Hele (heel) verb, to cover Heal (heel) verb, to hide, to cover anything up; to roof in. I'll work Jim; I've only just got this 'ere row o taturs to heal." Heler (hee-ler) substantive.

The first Lodge in Paris was organized at a tavern kept in the Rue des Boucheries by one Hure, and the Lodges subsequently organized in France continued to meet, like those of England, in public houses.

The custom was long followed in other countries of Europe.

This word is used among Freemasons with two very different significations. When addressed as an inquiry to a visiting Brother it has the same import as that in which it is used under like circumstances by mariners. Its second use is confined to what Freemasons understand by the tie, and in this sense it signifies to conceal, being derived from the Saxon word helan, to hide, the e being pronounced in Anglo-Saxon as a in the word fate.

By the rules of etymology, it should be written hate, but is usually spelled hele.

To the above information Brother Doctor Hammond added that in the West of England, the word "hele" is used at the present time, and its common pronunciation there and on the moors of the Cornish Country is hale (see also Heler). Funk in regard to the pronunciation of the word, we learn he is convinced that in most Lodges until 1750, and perhaps even later than 1800, the words hele, conceal, reveal, were perfect rhymes pronounced hayl, concayl, revayl, as they would be in Ireland today, but modern dictionaries give the pronunciation as heel.He was a member of Saint John's Regimental Lodge of New York City and had already received recognition as a Freemason although not twenty-one years of age (see New Age, September, 1924).A Committee established in all Lodges and Grand Lodges which own the buildings in which they meet, to which is entrusted the supervision of the building.The Hebrew is "pipan", meaning a struggler, a favorite. No account is contained in the Book of Habakkuk, either of the events of his life or the date when he lived.He is believed by many to have flourished about 630 B. In the Thirty-second Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, his name answers to the passwords Tuesday and Xerxes.

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