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The northern border is between modern Israel and Lebanon, to the west is the Mediterranean Sea, and the south, the Negev, sometimes reaching the Gulf of Aqaba.

In Israel the Rift Valley is dominated by the Jordan River, the Sea of Galilee (an important freshwater source also known as Lake Tiberias and to Israelis as Lake Kinneret) and the Dead Sea.The West Bank is a landlocked territory that has a total area of 2,262 square miles (5,860 square kilometers), slightly smaller than the U. Jerusalem sits on the top of this ridge, east of which lies the Dead Sea.The numerous limestone and sandstone layers of the Israeli mountains allow the water to pour from the west flank to the east.In the north lie the mountains and hills of Galilee; farther to the south are the Samarian Hills with numerous small, fertile valleys; and south of Jerusalem are the mainly barren hills of Judea.The central highlands average 2,000 feet (610 meters) in height and reach their highest elevation at Har Meron, at 3,963 feet (1,208 meters) in Galilee near Safed.

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    Farming led to rapid increase of population in the forest region.