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A big thanks goes out to all the bands and labels involved in this compilations; everyone's effort is greatly appreciated. Death: And How to Translate It We Too Are Concerned, We Are Too Concerned, 2006 Zabel. Foxhole: Forgiving Monarch Push Pull, 2006 Burnt Toast Vinyl. Yndi Halda: We Flood Empty Lakes (A Lily Remix) Unreleased, 2006. Theta Naught: Calneva Drive Sound Weave, 2006 Differential Records. Joy Wants Eternity: From Embrace to Embrace You Who Pretend to Sleep, 2006 TBA. Once We Were: Cut Corners TBA, 2006 Tender Version Records. Mt: Add Obvious Errors Lethologica, 2006 Motive Sounds Recordings. Up-c Down-c Left-c Right-c ABC Start: Simple Reminder (Anger is Not a Good Motive) Jangling Dischords of Our Nation, 2003 Self-Released.

Jordan Volz The Silent Ballet Barry Rogers Lost Children Net Label Download the Whole Release Tracklist Track 1. Neil on Impression: Stars Paint the Forest Gold The Perfect Tango, 2006 Grab the Stars. website: Bands wishing to be featured in the second volume should submit an inquiry to [email protected] the Artist Trevor Johnson is a young inspiriting artist, handling both the digital and physical realms.

Expect it to open its doors in full functionality in Fall of 2006, if not sooner, and look to the webpage for more information as the date approaches.

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Caspian: Quovis - Further Up - Further In You are the Conductor, 2005 Dopamine Records. The Samuel Jackson Five: If You Show Off the Milk, Who's Gonna Buy the Cow? Although he is greatly inspired by the artistic world and has a passionate drive to create art, he is often brought down to earth by very real monetary constraints.

He was generous enough to donate this work of art to The Silent Ballet, and for that we are most grateful. I also think it has the mood of an album, which seeks to introduce listeners to new, and perhaps exciting, music. Please actively criticize it, for without such constructive commentary I might never achieve artistic perfection. Johnson This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivs 2.0 England & Wales License.

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