Bakugan dating

Suddenly the bus came, the door's opened wide for me and I smiled cheerfully at the driver. ""No, Dan was totally hitting it off, I was uninterested! I was currently in my classroom, homeroom was about to start, which only gave me a few minutes to chat with Julie and Alice."He was talking a lot, and Shun said that Dan really liked you too! I crossed my arms, "Well that's too bad because I don't like him…"Alice sighed, "Runo…you couldn't stop talking about him on the phone the other day.""Oo~ Runo you sexy beast…" Julie then bumped her hips against mine."No I was complaining about him…" I looked away, "Hes very bothersome."Julie then watched me carefully, she saw as a light blush appeared on my cheeks."Thinking about Dan? " I then sat in my seat and looked away from my friends. "The boy I bumped into looked up, an angry expression sat on his face. " I said lifting myself up from the ground."I can say the same thing for you…" He proposed. I grabbed my forehead and made quick lie, "Well my head aches so I was going to the nurse's."I then jotted off until he had to say something, "Want me to take you? "N-no." I replied, I started to play with my fingers, looking away was the best thing to do too."Runo look at me."Why did this seem like a romantic moment? "I growled, looking up I screamed, "No you watch it buddy! The boy smiled, and me, being the tsundere girl that I am, frowned."Why aren't you in class?Alice befriends a young Bakugan player named Christopher.

Meanwhile, back on Earth a scientist named Michael had been working on a dimension transportation device.

But he remained close to my ear, "We didn't even kiss at the end of our date…"I then tried backing away, "Dan…I don't…kiss guys like you! " I then kicked him away using all of my force, knocking him over.

He seemed down and then he began to speak, "Runo did you like our date? "Don't lie." The boy then very slowly inched his way up to my ear, "Girls like you shouldn't lie." He whispered. I then grabbed onto his shirt, and tried my best to push away. But no use, he just opened my legs, making me scream a dry silent growl."Dan stop!

I hopped up from my chair, and quickly left the room, trying to hide my very obvious blush.

is the story of six children who find Bakugan, which are these spherical toy-like things that transform into Mons, and must save the Bakugan's world, Vestroia.

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