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Now, in conventional "Chinese" language classes, students spend most of their time memorizing how to write characters, and they also devote a lot of effort to mastering grammatical rules and syntactic paradigms.

Even after months of hard labor, students who follow the traditional way will have difficulty expressing themselves in a lively, imaginative manner.

Listen: the crazy bullshit is coming fast and furious these days.However, short U is a regular vowel, and words can have short U and voiceless E as their only vowels, as for instance: Keep lips relaxed, not rounded like in English W; Dutch W starts with the top of the lower lip touching the front upper teeth, but not clearly blowing out air like for a V or F.The sound is formed in the back of the mouth, and not in the front like English W.The single E's may be the biggest problem in Dutch pronunciation.Hear all three E's in each of these words: Spelling rules clearly indicate long and short vowels, but they do not apply to voiceless E.

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