Avg slows computer down when updating

Today, we will be talking about ideal antivirus programs for slow computers. It could be as a result of programs download and installation, web browsing, overloaded file folders, etc.While some antivirus software’s do not slow nor affect the speed of your computer.That's why an excellent choice is Avast antivirus products.Avast provides high detection rates and good protection against malware, but it does not degrade system performance or annoy users by being resource hungry. AV-Comparatives, a well-known and trusted third party testing lab, recently tested 20 antivirus and internet security products.When your computer slows to a crawl, it is very frustrating.One of the worst things that people do when trying to restore the performance of their PC is to remove the security software.Features: Download 360 Internet Security In conclusion, the antivirus programs mentioned above are most suitable for your slow computers.Most of them have great interface, are very easy to use, free and contains several features.

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360 Internet Security makes use of several engines to provide the best protection against trojans, viruses, worms and rootkits.

It is mostly used on mail servers as a server-side email virus scanner. Features: This free antivirus software is also good for slow computers and compatible with the Windows OS.

It is a user-friendly antivirus program efficient for every computer user.

Other factors can play a role, which means that with a few tweaks your systems performance can be improved. If you try to install modern software into your old computer, it could start running at a snail's pace, because the hardware simply is not capable of running the software.

Ideally, buying a new PC with a multi-core processor is the best solution.

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