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In addition, it was during the Archaic era that the Greeks began using stone for their public buildings, and started to develop their three Orders of Architecture (Doric, Ionic and Corinthian), each comprising a column, with a base, shaft, capital, and entablature with Architrave frieze, and cornice.Most importantly, it was during this period that the Greek stone temple attained its essential form, allowing for plenty of architectural sculpture, including: reliefs and friezes on the temple's pediments (the triangular gable under the roof of a building) and metopes (the rectangular panels above the colums), as well as statues of all kinds.Then, from 2,600 BCE onwards, came various strands of Aegean art, notably Minoan civilization on Crete, with its stone sculpture (notably seal stones), fresco painting, ceramics and metalwork.

In its creation, Archaic sculptors focused mainly on proportion and the pattern of drapery, rather than physical anatomy.• What are the Most Famous Greek Statues from the Classical Period?• What Happened in the Greek World during the Hellenistic Period? • What are the Characteristics of Archaic Greek Sculpture? • What Happened to Greek Sculpture During the Classical Period? • What is the History of Early Greek Sculpture? • Why did Greek Sculpture develop more rapidly during the Archaic Period?

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