Ava gardner dating history

The knee-slapper here is that Ava wasn't really all that interested.

came in 1953 and Gardner's career struck a new high with this colorful African tale of a big-game hunter (her third outing with Clark Gable) caught between a woman he loves (Grace Kelly, a lifelong Gardner pal) and a woman who loves him (Gardner).

Among the subjects discussed are my 50 Favorite Films (Feb 2012-June 2014), films and personalities of the 1960s (July 2014-July 2015), the 1940s (Aug 2015-Dec 2016), the 1970s (Jan-Aug 2017), the 1930s (Sept-Dec 2017) and 80s films (Jan-Mar 2018). Ava never doubted that she was a true movie star with movie star assistants and sycophants and studio checkbooks and movie star demands, but she never hid the fact that she felt she was not a very good actress. she was a terrific actress and many of her male costars have publicly said the same.

She had not sat around day-dreaming of becoming a movie star.

She didn't mind dissing with the girls while getting made up and fussed over. Her early years at MGM were spent doing programmers as they were called; silly, inconsequential movies, but they were a good training ground. What she did was become some of the tastiest eye candy Hollywood had ever seen.

She didn't count on how hard the work or how long the waiting in between camera setups would be. She took the requisite cheesecake photos (which she hated...

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