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When you move to a new city, you run the usual checklist: connect the utilities, figure out the best way to get to work, and find the nearest grocery store and emergency clinic.Other things on your list may include looking for the best restaurants on Yelp, forwarding the mail, and deciding on an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Depending on the city or area you live in, you may have multiple ISP options available.Maximize these moments with a better business profile, an SEO- and mobile-friendly website, complete and accurate online listings, and professionally produced video.Get listed accurately on 60 search destinations, publish engaging content to all your listings at once, and monitor social conversations all from one easy dashboard.And if you’re in one of the neighborhoods serviced by both AT&T Internet and RCN, you’ll have two strong providers clamoring for your attention and leaving you confused about which to choose.No matter what features and prices you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered with this post.You’ll discover information about the types of internet AT&T and RCN offer, their customer service, and their equipment.

Speedy cellular data connections make it easy to watch You Tube and Netflix, stream music, download large files and photos, and more. So every once in a while I do an informal, unscientific cellular data speed test, focusing primarily on downstream speeds over LTE, the current standard for fast cellular data (also known as 4G). Using identical i Phone 6 phones, and the popular Ookla Speed Test app, I found that AT&T averaged 15.89 megabits per second in download speed, and Verizon lagged with an average of 12.99 Mbps.You can even monitor reviews, reputation, and social conversations from one sleek dashboard. When the time comes to amplify your brand to ready buyers at home and on-the-go, consider the unrivaled staying power of direct mail, and highly relevant mobile or desktop ads.Save time today and rest easy tonight with yp Presence. Target your message to get it in front of your best local prospects on all devices with relevant and custom-branded campaigns.By contrast, while Verizon’s average also topped 20 Mbps near Boston, it averaged a pathetic low of only about 1 Mbps at a Virgin America gate at the LA airport (AT&T’s average there was over 11 Mbps).And in the southern California resort and downtown San Francisco, it came in at under 10 Mbps.

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