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He confessed that "sex barely happened" and that his wife considered it to be purely a means to reproduce. "Say we were driving someplace and I tried to run my hand through her hair—she’d swat it away immediately." Whilst understanding the scientific process behind miscarriages helped William through the terrible tragedy, for his wife it only perpetuated a deeper, more spiritual compulsion.

William explained this is what ultimately led him to realise that he was an atheist.

– Tired of Being Single Dear Tired, First of all, I get where you’re coming from.

When you meet someone you really like, it’s easy to start making compromises on some of the things you were originally looking for.

I am not saying that marriages between people of different faiths never work at all, or that simply being a “Christian” guarantees that we will make good choices in our marriage or that we will be exempt from divorce.

But when both partners in a marriage are allowing God’s spirit to work in their lives, they then have the power to say no to their sin and flesh rather than being ruled by it.

Is it really that big of a deal to date a non-Christian?

And sadly, that may be true, but being a Christian is about so much more than just being a moral person.

Being a believer means that your relationship with God has absolutely, entirely and clearly changed your life.

According to Scripture, when God joins something together, something powerful happens that can’t be separated by mere man.

The Spirit of God is the only guarantee that we will have what it takes to love, to confess, to sacrifice, to give and to forgive one another.

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