Aspxgridview rowupdating keys

Solution: Well, we can achieve this task from variety of methods.Let me just give you a quick list of how we can do this.Here is the scenario Scenario: Consider you have a data grid view which show a list of products from northwind database and you want a link button which will edit the same grid view entry but in a separate page and on separate form with the help of the primary key which you may want to send to another page using query string or else.So the task is to get the primary key of the row on which the link button is pressed. ASPx Data Deleting Event Args e) protected void gv Card Station Operator_Row Inserting(object sender, Dev Express.

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For example purpose I have used connection strings and queries in same file but for you, you need to retrieve it from web.config file and also use stored procedures.A unique Linq Server Mode Data Source control was specifically designed by Developer Express for the ASPx Grid View, allowing it to efficiently work with large amounts of data by using LINQ Server Mode.In this mode, only small portions of the required data are loaded into the ASPx Grid View by demand, and all the necessary data processing (such as grouping or sorting) is performed on the data server.This technique significantly reduces the application's response time.Previously, server mode was supported only for XPOdatasources; now, any LINQ query provider is also supported.

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