Are any of the duggar girls dating

So, why would a family notorious for steering clear of television programming then seek out opportunities to Looks like this apple didn't fall too far from the growing family tree.

Jessa, who has given birth to two children since her 2014 wedding and dodged widespread pregnancy rumors, has plans for her little family's future — big, big plans.

We don't have to look to far to see where Jessa get's her desire for a large family.

After the 2008 birth of baby number 18, Jessa's mother Michelle Duggar told Ann Curry that she could never have enough children.

Our respect and reverence for this man was so deep we never thought to question either his motives or his judgment.

Many opportunities to do so would arise in the future, but each one would be quickly pushed aside.

Perhaps my story will help you and your family avoid the pitfalls of the young and the not so young who willingly sacrifice their souls to the dreams and aspirations of the “great.” This is a true story, but as I recount the strange happenings of it, I wonder if it will seem beyond belief to those who have for years given their loyalty, trust and love to the major characters who must be described herein.

To all of you I plead, please read with open hearts and follow this story to the end.

Gothard that would later end in tragedy for many on his staff. Lauren is 18 and the oldest of eight, and her family has known the Duggars for years. It's Lauren Swanson, Josiah's "special friend" who accompanied the Duggars on their trip to Australia and New Zealand.It's a Duggar world, and we're all just living in it.As the jet taxied away from the terminal that winter day in 1970, the parents tearfully waving off their teenage daughter never imagined how many years would pass before she truly returned.

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