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When the medics came to the same block for the third time in 11 days, you couldn't help but wonder: Why now?

As the young man crumpled for his 14th overdose, who wouldn't ask: What is driving this epidemic?

While substance abuse affects each family differently, there are many common adversities among families facing drug addiction, including financial difficulties, legal issues, educational disparities, emotional distress, and domestic violence.

After the Medical Examiner carried away the young woman's body, neighbors asked each other: Why here?

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Three times over 11 days, Fire Engine 23 responded to overdoses on this eight-house block of Amanda Avenue, close by the Carrick Shop’n Save. Maxwell — 35 and a mother of three — sprawled on a floor, turning blue, with a needle nearby.Each choice of view option allows for a different screen configuration.Drug addiction affects the entire family, from parents to children, brothers to sisters, and sometimes even close friends.That means there’s no better place to explore a question asked in overdose-plagued cities nationwide: While nearly every neighborhood has been affected by the opioid crisis, why, and how, have some been devastated?Addiction most often strikes vulnerable people, in unsettled surroundings, with easy access to drugs.

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