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A local real estate agent, Henri Francqui, 68, vanished off the face of the earth. Francqui, who had lived alone, simply didn’t show up at his office and was never seen again.Two months later, while police were looking for Francqui or his body, another tragedy took place.These are not the kind of flimsy magazines or tiny paperback novels that you are accustomed to.These are more like giant, professionally produced graphic novels.Classification: Serial killer Characteristics: Robberies - Cementing corpses inside staircase of his home Number of victims: 6 Date of murders: 1941 / 1974-1976 Date of birth: 1922 Victims profile: Julien Quivel (his best friend) / Christiane Ruaux (his wife) / Henri Francqui, 68 / Emile, 73, and Elizia Bergaud, 63, and their maid, Alfia Borgioni Método de matar: Hitting with an iron bar / Shooting (.38 calibre revolver) Location: Rouen/Paris, France Status: Sentenced to life imprisonment on October 8, 1982 Authorities Were Not Buying Bernard Pesquet Story France was occupied by Germany in 1941 when 19-year-old Bernard Pesquet was convicted of murdering his best friend, Julien Quivel.Bernard admitted hitting Julien over the head with an iron bar, but claimed that Julien was a German informant and that he had killed him to protect his country.

Within a year, he had built up a thriving painting and decorating business and had earned the respect of the townsfolk.

However, a search of his home uncovered Swiss, English and Belgian coins, as well as an American Express card made out to Emile Bergaud. A horde of evidence While Bernard’s story fell within the realm of possibility, he was unable to come up with a comparable yarn to account for the horde of evidence in his barn. Bergaud’s jewellery and the key to the Bergauds’s apartment.

They also uncovered Christiane Pesquet’s driver’s license and an identification card belonging to Henri Francqui. When the diggers discontinued their efforts, he broke into a wide grin.

Detectives found a sheet of plastic in the dining room of the Bergaud’s apartment. The killer had found a hidden safe in the bathroom. The maid, Alfia Borgioni, had been strangled and then shot through the head while unconscious.

Ballistic testing indicated that all the shots had been fired from the same weapon, a .38 calibre revolver.

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