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When parents and teachers are faced with trying to help a bully-victim, one difficulty might be recognizing and attending to their full range of needs, rather than focusing on only the most salient problems.

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For instance, one study showed that teen girls who had experienced verbal or cyberbullying had higher rates of depression than teen girls who weren’t targeted by bullies.In one recent study, about one third of the children who either bullied others or were bullied themselves were identified as bully-victims (1).Schwartz and his colleagues (4) have suggested that a distinguishing feature of bully-victims is that they struggle to control their emotions.Children who bully are more likely than other youngsters to experience peer rejection, conduct problems, anxiety, and academic difficulties, and to engage in rule-breaking behavior (2, 3).Recent research has shown that a substantial number of children have been victimized by bullying and have bullied others in turn.

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