Am i dating a narcissist quiz

Sociopath is an antisocial personality disorder developed during childhood or late childhood.The sociopath person shows various signs and that are easy to identify, but it is hard to examine yourself.” from .) Point scale for each statement 5-Always or almost always does this 4-Frequently does this 3-Sometimes does this 2-Seldom does this 1-Never or almost never does this __ He constantly looks to you to meet his needs __ He expects you to know what HE expects, desires and needs without having to ask __ He gets upset when you are perceived to be critical or blaming __ He expects you to put his needs before your own __ He seeks attention in indirect ways __ He expects you to openly admire him __ He acts childish, sulks or pouts __ He accuses you of being insensitive or uncaring without cause __ He finds fault with your friends __ He becomes angry when challenged or confronted __ He does not seem to recognize your feelings __ He uses your disclosures to criticize, blame, or discount you __ He is controlling __ He lies, distorts, and misleads __ He is competitive and uses any means to get what is wanted __ He has a superior attitude __ He is contemptuous of you and others __ He is arrogant __ He is envious of others __ He demeans and devalues you __ He is self-centered and self-absorbed __ He has to be the center of attention __ He is impulsive and reckless __ He boasts and brags __ He is insensitive to your needs __ He makes fun of others’ mistakes or faults __ He engages in seductive behavior __ He is vengeful __ He expects favors but does not return them If your answers are mostly 4s and 5s, you are involved with a narcissist.People who have been raised with pathological parents go on to select pathological men for partners.

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Dating/marrying a narcissist falls into that category.

Since narcissists do not change, because narcissism is a permanent embedded personality disorder, the question to you becomes, “How much longer will you stay with someone who can’t ever be healthy? • I am in a relationship and feel he is more important than I am.

This Sociopath Test will tell you whether you are sociopath or not. It will tell you all about your Id, Ego and Super ego.

You need to answer 20 questions with true/false responses.

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