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An idle search on the Wayback Machine revealed that my old Lambing Flat website has been preserved, pretty much intact!In theory, the state government administers internal matters, while the Commonwealth government is responsible for defense, foreign policy, immigration, trade, customs and excise, postal services, and air and sea transport.Although the duties of the office are mostly formal, the governor may play an important role in a political crisis.All elections are conducted on the basis of universal adult suffrage.Legal procedure includes trial by jury in criminal and some civil cases, the right of appeal, and an independent judiciary.The highest state court is the Supreme Court, from which appeals can be made to the High Court of Australia.Every citizen over the age of 18 is required to vote in all elections, including those for local government offices.

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Australia has limited government housing and only a small rental market, so buying a place to live is the chief burden for most people establishing their first home.

Those who can afford it patronize private hospitals, which are strongly supported by the medical profession.

However, moves to privatize existing public hospitals, beginning in 1992, met with much public opposition, and it was debated whether services and efficiency had been improved.

The lower house, or Legislative Council, has 42 members who (since 1978) are directly elected at large by preferential voting and proportional representation.

The members are elected to serve during two sessions of Parliament and thus serve for a maximum of eight years in their first term.

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