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Company headquarters are located in Carrollton, Texas. Answer 1: The phone number for Motel 6 is (972) 360-9000. Due to inclement weather I thought it would be safer to stay over night instead of attempting a two hour drive in the unpredictable situation.I went to 3 different hotels inquiring about a room for overnight stay but found out most area hotels were booked due to a triathlon event going on in the city.The attorneys said that court records showed that federal immigration agents arrested at least 20 people the Phoenix Motel 6 locations over the course of seven months in 2017.Motel 6 stated that this was an isolated incident at the Phoenix locations and that they did not endorse this practice.The front desk clerk then proceeds to tell us that is the room assigned to us. She then tells us she can cancel the reservation and start over but we could only have a room for one night. She said well she would just cancel someone else’s reservation. P Our stay 6/1/18-6/3/18 motel 6 Lake Charles On the Bayou Reply Clerk at Motel 6 in Rancho Cordova, CA, refused to honor a couple’s reservation because she claimed a Puerto Rican driver’s license wasn’t a valid US identification.She then puts us in a king size bed instead of two beds. All I can say is, what the hell do you expect from a clerk working at Motel 6?We checked and was provided a room, when we got to the door of our room, we could hear the television blaring from inside the room.

We believe that the housekeeper who cleaned our room on Sunday has our belongings. A friend called and reserved our room along with 2 other rooms under her name. They returned to the front desk and requested a refund for their room only. The only electrical outlet at the sink was being used for microwave and refrigerator. A person outside our door approached us to sell us drugs twice when we were coming and going. Thank goodness we had brought ours since we were going to be on our friends boat.A patron of the event we were attending, informed my husband and I about a Motel 6 with possible availabilities.We called and then went to closest location to get a room.If anyone can help us get our belongings back, please help us. I also requested a receipt since I paid cash Friday night.The managers were extremely unhelpful, rude and had no respect for our time. The front desk clerk said she would drop it off in the room when she brought towels.

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