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We would always pick out a new fashionable outfit for her. On top of being a wonderful colleague and friend, she introduced me to the nuances of fine chocolate. You made me feel like a part of the family when I was working for you and I do appreciate that.

She was always so happy that I was friends with her daughter Teri. I just wish I had grown up across the street from you two. Dear Peter, Marc, and Beth, We were very saddened to learn of Ann's passing.

I became family and I will miss Arlene tremendously. She was the mother of my most dearest friend, Teri.

Even after I moved until I sold my house she still went. She lived our block parties and always participated.

We loved having Berenice as our neighbor as she was always genuinely interested and cared about the neighborhood.

We have been meeting for lunches most Thursday's since then.

Arlene and John take care of my cats when I travel and frankly, I think the cats like them better than me!

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