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She ran tests on the kids and visited 40-some preschools to watch them in action.If there was a secret sauce for getting into a school like Brentwood, Crystal began to realize the value in holding its formula.“Parents attack it with the same fervor and intensity as a military general mapping out his next battle plan.” Christina Simon, who runs, a blog about private schools in L.A., frames matters this way: “It’s almost like someone carrying a superexpensive Hermès bag,” she says.It would be called Piper (another name they’d selected for a future child).When news of Piper surfaced—and it didn’t take long—the lines of division began to form.You won’t get into John Thomas Dye, you won’t get into Harvard-Westlake, and you won’t get into Harvard.” That generalized Darwinian fright has commingled over the years with more parents asking school directors to take their kids at younger ages and for longer hours each day. As Jesse put it, “There’s a frenzy here that doesn’t exist in a lot of places.” When Crystal hatched the idea to start Cassidy, she was in her late twenties, working as a school psychologist at Brentwood School.During her four years there, a significant part of her job centered on helping select each year’s class of kindergartners—roughly 30 students in all—from a crop of about 300 applicants.

Then Crystal sent out an e-mail to all current and former Cassidy parents later that month, alerting them that a major change was afoot.

Hawk called the two tech specialists on the sidewalk to come in to copy the school’s hard drives and suggested the Biltzes contact their lawyer.

The couple walked to the playground to make a call.

If your hope for your progeny to join their ranks is strong enough, the campaign doesn’t begin with preschool.

A pregnant Westwood woman was counseled by a friend to sign up for a parenting class called Babygroup—immediately—explaining, “If you don’t do Babygroup, you won’t get into the right preschool.

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