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Kuehn has pushed for starting additional locations several times during the 10 years he's been principal at the school, but each time it hasn't worked out.

In 2007, Hamilton County Schools leaders said they wanted to create two new locations, one in the Hixson area and another one downtown.

The adult high school has seen success, and last year, 89 percent of the students who enrolled earned diplomas, which is higher than the county's graduation rate of 83.8 percent.

Since 2012, more than 130 students have graduated from the school each year.

Without a driver's license or a car, Hilley said, he wouldn't have been able to attend the adult high school — more than 40 minutes from his home near downtown Chattanooga.

The adult high school, known as Hamilton County High School, is past Harrison Bay, just off Highway 58 — nowhere near a bus line.

In 2008, a location was set to open downtown at 1200 Grove St.

with an estimated annual operating cost of about 0,000.

Kuehn hasn't had to hire a teacher in three years.

He said everyone is focused on supporting the students and ensuring they graduate.

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