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It will even show you what percentage of your answers match with the person you’re looking at.It’s really cool when you can see the percentage of similarity. I also really like the ability of the app to work seamlessly on both Mobile platforms and in your browser.Best of all, they don’t post anything to your Facebook profile (or they haven’t yet), which makes it even better.Essentially how it works is you log in, add your profile picture and your interests.

If you’re an 18- or 19-year-old and you’re on your phone all the time, you’ll love Zoosk.

A lot of my friends have stayed altogether away from online dating because it’s, in their words, “too casual.” Further yet, the experience is often soured by fake online bots and cat-fish profiles.

So if you use Dating apps for a similar purpose, here are my top 5 favorite dating apps.1) Special Dating App: It isn’t very commonplace, so it is still safe from trolls and bots.

Making an app that will satisfy every need of the user is a difficult task, but the closer you come to it the more chance you stand to outdo the others.

Let me first tell you why I use online dating apps.1.

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