Adult book and toy stores in chattanooga tenn

Come to your local Walmart and pickup a 3-pound BONUS bag of OlRoy dog food for only 19.98! While youre at it, stop by and take a look at our new maskimal masks for only 24.98!The owner of the Love Shack on Highway 58 is fighting the city's attempts to force him to move, claiming that despite selling sex toys, X-rated DVDs and magazines, most of what he sells is women's clothing.Courts have ruled that cities cannot ban adult-oriented stores entirely, although they can limit where they can be located, Noblett said. While the city could adopt a new ordinance with a lower standard, it would risk a lengthy legal appeal.But while the presence of X-rated DVDs and books may upset nearby residents, they provide the store with more constitutional protection, said Ken Paulson, president of Vanderbilt University's First Amendment Center.The store sent the city a spreadsheet stating that out of 9,487 items at the Love Shack, only 2,108 were adult themed, he said.Signs on the outside of the store advertise DVDs and lingerie, but there is no mention of X-rated material.

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Gwinnett's ordinance defines an adult entertainment store as one where 10 square feet of its retail space is devoted to X-rated materials, or 5 percent of its revenue is earned through the sale of such merchandise. Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld Tennessee's "33 percent of inventory" rule, which is why Chattanooga adopted that standard, he said.The Target customer service department is available to answer just about any product or order question you have.There are no customer service hours listed on the Contact Us page. Box 9350Minneapolis, MN 55440 Customers can shop, check order details and contact a customer care representative from the official Target website at Floyd County has an ordinance similar to Chattanooga's, stating that a store is an adult business and subject to additional regulations if 35 percent or more of its merchandise is adult oriented.Store manager Dennis Haynes told the Rome News-Tribune his store keeps the percentage of X-rated merchandise below that level.

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