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People get obsessional when they are in your position.

They cannot stop thinking about the partner they have lost, and cannot allow that partner to go.

Then in late September, my good friend Inspired Rd said she was doing something called the Whole30.

It’s a program where you eat nothing but whole foods for 30 days; the idea being your body can cleanse itself a bit instead of constantly being in fighting mode as it tries to digest processed foods.

If you fit the common pattern, your heart will not give you permission to let him go.

So, if that is the case, your head will have to do the dirty work. You start living your life as though the relationship were truly over.

It’s particularly devastating when this occurs because the partner who is left has no time to prepare or anticipate and grieve the end of the relationship, and because the magnitude of the loss is tremendous, involving not only the loss of a sexual partner, but also a confidant and intimate friend, and often a house or a car or a standard of living.believed him each time he told me he was "here forever" & how there was nothing better. No one has a crystal ball or can foretell the future.And I know my husband is adamant right now with what he wants (since he’s at the ex’s day & night, day after day).One partner in the relationship loses the attachment to the relationship, while the other partner does not.Often, this happens silently, without any fanfare or obvious signs, and the partner who remains attached to the relationship doesn’t know what is happening.

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