Abstinence and dating

A good habit to learn—but is abstinence the best way to understand God’s plan for marriage and the gift of our sexuality? In fact, many people tune out when they hear “abstinence” because it means, in essence “say no to sex.” The term also doesn’t help us to understand what are appropriate boundaries, short of the act of intercourse. Chastity is freedom from sexual impurities, not necessarily freedom from sexual activity.Technically, one could be very promiscuous, involved in many sexual behaviors, and still remain abstinent. We know that God created sex, and everything God created is very good.If one’s only reason for refraining from sex until marriage is because they feel they should, then their heart and mind could be exploding with sexual desires—they simply stop themselves from acting upon such desires.

True virtue begins in the mind, and actions flow from virtue.

If this habit is learned early in life, teens and young adults find it much easier to say “no” to sex before marriage (and many other temptations that lead to unhealthy behaviors).

Chastity, however, is the most all-inclusive, positive way to view our sexuality.

Within the boundaries of chastity, one can be sexually active.

Chastity is the virtue of understanding and respecting sex to such a great degree that one keeps it in the appropriate time and place (marriage).

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