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2, but not less than 5 years pursuant to the Federal Act on Accountancy № 402-FZ as of 6 December 2011 and archival legislation (Order of Ministry of Culture as of 25 August 2010 No.558 on the List of the standard business archive documents elaborated by state authorities, local state bodies and companies with the terms of retention period) 4.2.

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The policy is to be found on Association websites - https://racvs.ru/ , https://ascvts2018.org/ and is an integral part of the user agreement. The Association provides personal data collection and processing according to Russian legislation for the following purposes: 3.4.We offer maintenance services of the overhauled aviation materiel, creation of logistic support centers, training of specialists on repair and operation of the aviation materiel.Also we produce: airborne ECM system “Satellite”; spare parts for aviation materiel; complex test benches, control-and-measuring equipment for diagnostics and repair of aviation materiel; “Deltalet” superlight airplane.Overhaul of Su-22, Su-25, Su-27, Mi G-29, An-2 aircraft and Mi-8 (Mi-17), Mi-24 helicopters.Modernization of Su-25, Su-27, Mi G-29, aircraft and Mi-8 (Mi-17), Mi-24 helicopters.

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