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Special emphasis is put on violence against refugee women and on challenges that have to be overcome to better their situations.

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The panel consisting of Professor Marc Perlin (Suffolk University Boston) and Professor Pierre Thielbörger (Ruhr University Bochum) discussed marriage equality from a constitutional perspective, comparing in particular the US and German constitutional situation.

Participants also discussed the organisation of upcoming networking events and opportunities for potential cooperation with other stakeholders.

Interested RUB members who are not yet part of the network mailing list are welcome to contact We have just published a new Bofax by the IFHV's Stephan Koloßa on the legality of States reacting in kind to cyber attacks.

The panelists engaged the question how over the time the law and constitutional case law in Germany and in the US has developed and which comparisons can be drawn between the two legal orders in this regard. Judit Beke-Martos of the Center for International Affairs of RUB's law faculty and attended by about 40 to 50 participants. Dennis Dijkzeul delivered a Certified Course on Program / Project Cycle Management and Evaluation at the APPRO - Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization in Kabul, Afganistan.30 Afghan professionals from civil society organizations, UN organizations, the media and public institutions attended the course, which is part of an ongoing cooperation between APPRO and the IFHV.

Today, Mirza Dinnayi gave a presentation at the IFHV on “The ongoing Genocide of the Yazidis”.

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