1950 s teenage dating etiquette

In the 1950’s the economy started booming in the US, which meant that families became wealthier.This resulted in an increased freedom and independence also for the teeangers.The new focus on teenagers as consumers contributed to making the new youth culture that began in the 1950’s.These films are for anyone who loves to laugh at the past.

this new technology was a stepping stone for Rock n’ Roll to become a new American lifestyle.

Artists like Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison and the King of Rock, as he was referred to as, Elvis Presley.

These artists formed a new lifestyle and ways of rebellion for the young Americans that was essential for the roaring 50’s.

This was due because of the idea that the men were the ones with steady jobs and the ones who payed the bills.

This is an indicator that there were very specific gender roles in the 1950’s and that it didn’t only apply to married couples but also to teenagers and youngsters.

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