1168 in updating

Looking at the properties of one of the unknown devices we can see the following: The above is something that updating the Integration Components to a supported version will fix. The virtual network card has the following version information.If your name is Norman Potter, Hyper-V version spotter, then you might notice that something is not quite pukka with this……Looking at the system showed that these files were still present on the file system.When opened up in notepad it is possible to see that they are related to Hyper-V IC, and that the dates indicated that they are old and out dated.In the case of this Windows 2003 VM I then uninstalled the latest Hyper-VC ICs and restarted the machine.Once logged back on after the reboot, I did a quick search to see what other remnants have been left over from previous installs. After checking that these are all Hyper-V files I moved all of them out from their current location to a backup location.This log had entries like C:\WINDOWS\system32\Cat Root\with error 0x57 KB article You cannot install some updates or programs discusses some of the issues around such errors.When you are installing a service pack or update for Windows 7 or 2008 R2, the update may fail to install with an error 0X80070490. When you examine the log, you may find the followings were logged: inf: Opened PNF: 'C: Windows System32Driver Store File Repositoryscanners.inf_amd64_neutral_08717035d84064b6scanners.inf' ([strings]) sig: .210 sig: Key = sig: File Path = C: Windows System32Driver Store File Repositoryscanners.inf_amd64_neutral_08717035d84064b6scanners.inf!

This allows me to run multiple virtual machines on my Lenovo W530 laptop without having to remote to other machines when I am on site with customers.It did not and I still had the same behaviour as shown here.The machine that we will look at is a Windows Server 2003 x86 Enterprise Edition VM with SP2 installed.And to check the version information of the file on disk: netsvc506.0.6001.18004 Hold those thoughts for now, and we’ll come back to them.From the VM’s Action menu when “Insert Integration Services Setup Disk” is selected, the expected prompt appears in the VM. In the event logs multiple services have failed to start.

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