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A good haircut, some muscles and a nice wardrobe will do wonders for a man. It's funny, your reaction to her (in spite of or perhaps even because of her behaviour) eerily matches a woman's reaction to a BB's advances - the niceness from her and your complete lack of arousal. I met one that was trying to be the wife every guy wants, nice LDS kinda gal, a lot of RP truths from her.

Unfortunately she thought sex = commitment and went full retard with it.

Don't worry about alpha beta bullshit right now, try looking your best as possible.

Confidence will automatically come once you look at yourself in the mirror and actually LIKE YOURSELF.

Bursting With Love Reality Show " data-medium-file=" data-large-file=" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-10567" src=" alt="Bursting With Love Reality Show" width="600" height="153" srcset=" sizes="(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px" / The ad describes romantic pairing as a ‘physically lop-sided relationship.’ What a ridiculous sentiment that people should only date look exactly the same and only date their ‘own kind.’ By this rationale we should only date people who are the same height, hair and eye color and ethnicity.

The show pitches itself as being about ‘pride and liberation from societies stereotypes and not mean spirited.’ Lets remember the show title: Bursting with Love of course referring to the larger person in the couple who must be so fat they are bursting!

But she looked like a pot bellied, even breathed like one.

All she wanted was a LTR, she'll make some Ishmael happy someday.

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Its a reality TV show based around the oh so shocking idea that a fit person (they really should say slim) could be attracted to a fat person.

It's funny reading this right after reading the Dad Bod article. No woman goes after a guy with the dad bod; she settles for him when she realizes Chad T. Man I love reading through the comments on these types of articles.

Women get so offended when someone suggests that the reason they're fat is the inhuman amount of beer and chicken wings they stuff in their faces. The relationship side was great, it was easy, no drama, she was nice to me, sex wasn't a problem.

Attraction isn't rocket science, take care of your face, dress nicely and lift.

Don't worry about alpha beta bullshit right now, try looking your best as possible. But I guess you can't change your face so you'll convince yourself that something you can change - your physique - is more important. I feel like the Red Pill community is way off on this topic.

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