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The war was won militarily, resulting in Azerbaijan losing control of 20% of its territory, but no diplomatic solution was reached.

A ceasefire has been in place since 1994, although it remains weak due to frequent skirmishes alongside the Armenia-Azerbaijan border.

Straddling Europe and Asia in the lesser Caucasus Mountains, an ex-Soviet state with a culture over 3,000 years old and examples of ancient architecture and art all over the countryside, this beautiful country offers something exotic for many tourists. Armenians have historically inhabited the "Armenian Highlands", a vast section of mountains and valleys across eastern Anatolia and the Southern Caucasus.

Armenian vassal states, principalities, kingdoms and empires have risen and fallen in different parts of this highland throughout history.

The Armenian Genocide is still actively denied by Turkey.

In many ways, the Soviet period was a golden one for Armenians.

Armenia was located on the silk road, and Armenians built a network of merchant communities and ties extending from eastern Asia to Venice.The western parts of Armenia were under Byzantine or Ottoman Turkish rule for long periods, while the eastern parts were under Persian or Russian rule.These empires often fought their wars on Armenian territory, using Armenian soldiers.The economic situation has also been beset due to widespread corruption and poverty.In 2008, diplomatic efforts to normalize relations with Turkey were initiated but were later suspended due to intense internal pressure on both sides, and disagreements between the two countries.

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